Saturday, February 18, 2012

No more rubber bands for kitty.

Nope.  No more.  As cute as Loki is playing around with it, I had to throw them out.  There were 2 blue rubber bands sitting around my apartment for Loki.  One disappeared, and I assumed it went under the couch.  A day later I found it in the litter box.  Gross.  Though I did get to have an interesting phone conversation with my mom after that.

Mom:  "Are you sure it isn't worms?"

Me:  "Mom, worms aren't blue."


In more kitty news, I got the Fur Ivy package from Fair Ivy.  I thought they were going to send an email saying when it was on its way, but it was nice to have that surprise at my door.  Inside among some crinkly paper was a tub of Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes, a crocheted ball with a bell in it, and a catnip stuffed pea pod toy.

Loki thought the Bonito flakes were tasty, though I had to crush them up and drop them on the floor for her as usual.  This cat doesn't like to eat out of your hand.  If she tries to take a treat from your fingers, she does so very delicately to the point where she can't even grab the food.  So, I drop them on the kitchen floor.  Eh, at least she liked it.  The crochet ball toy I looked up on the etsy shop it's from, and it's supposed to have a bell inside.  I can feel but not hear it.  Loki batted it for a moment, then it went under the couch and was promptly forgotten.  The catnip pea pod toy, however, was a hit.  Matt and I have tried using catnip for Loki before, like to get her to scratch a cardboard pad or to play with certain toys, but it made no difference.  Even sticker her nose in the bag only got us a look of "the hell is wrong with you?" from her.  In a book I have it states that about 60% of cats are affected by catnip, so I figured she was one of the 40%.  Oh boy was I wrong!

Loki went bonkers over the toy.  I tossed it to her, she sniffed it, and promptly started batting and attacking it.  She laid on the floor and chomped and scratched at the pea pod.  She was in full on "OMG MUST ATTACK OM NOM NOM" mode.  This went on for 2 hours.  2 HOURS.  I even got her on video.  Afterwards she crashed out.

"Mom, quit taking pictures."

I just got a carrot from the same seller in the mail, and Loki went bonkers again.  Matt and I agree that there must be something about that one brand of catnip that drives her wild.  Maybe kitty crack.  Either way, it keeps her entertained (and off my table where my desktop is) while Matt and I play some Skyrim.

Speaking of Matt, on Sunday we're going to a candy shop in Canada!  I don't know the name of it (he won't tell me), but I do know that it's apparently really good.  I plan to stuff myself with chocolate.  Eating healthy be damned that day!  It's his Valentine's Day present to me.  I haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day in years, so this is going to be awesome!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thrifty finds.

I told myself I wasn't going to do any clothes shopping until I finished all of my laundry.  I resisted buying any new clothes online, no matter how lovely or cute they were.  "Ooo, look at those cute shoes!  And those earrings!  No!  Look but don't buy.  Look buy don't buy..."  Even Matt reminded me that I need to get laundry done before I brought more clothes into the apartment.  However, I caved on Monday and went thrift shopping.  I hadn't done it in a couple months, and needed my fix.  I'm also getting really antsy about garage sale season.  Reading blogs about it did not really help me either, but in the end it turned out I had some good finds.

After an oh-so-lovely dentist appointment (two shots of novocane, oh my!), my first stop was Goodwill.  I prefer shopping here as opposed to the Salvation Army, (I'll leave the Salvation Army rant for another day.)  My goal was to find a blue cardigan.  I've got some shirts that would look great with one, but alas, I have a lot of black cardigans and sweatshirts instead.  I followed my usual pattern of first looking at the shoes and craft stuff, then purses, books, and moving to the housewares.  A fat chicken statue was sitting there just waiting to be scooped up by me.  I might have squeaked in glee when seeing it.  I love chickens, and I think fat statues of them are adorable.  I made my way to the cardigans, and found a pretty blue striped one with bell sleeves.  It has lacy pattern holes on the front that I love.  I'll update with pictures later.

Next I stopped by a building where one thrift store was that I liked.  That one apparently closed and a new shop opened up called Glamor Girl.  They sell gently used and discounted fashion items.  The pink everywhere caught my eye.  There were lots of cute things, but one thing stuck out in particular.  A wool sweater.

Crappy picture is crappy.

I usually don't buy knitted things since I don't want people to think that I made them.  However, this one caught my eye.  It's beautifully made, not too scratchy, and it fits well!  I even don't mind the tassels on the bottom.  Oh, and LLAMAS!  I also snagged up a basic grey dress, and a hot pink and silver scarf to use as a headwrap.  I think I can label that as a good shopping day.

To finish, here's Loki and I being lazy bums.

Matt took this for me since I was being full of fail in trying to take a picture myself.  What a nice guy.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

 It's slow at work, so here's some more Instagram fun!  First is me showing off one of my favorite headbands.  Headbands are my favorite hair accessory, and I don't like that it's too cold to wear them.  Being outside without a hat in Western NY right now is not a smart thing, but today I said to hell with it and wore one anyways.  The octopus is a necklace from Shana Logic, and I absolutely love my sparkly Converse shoes.  One of my best friends took one look as I tried them on and said "that's so you."  I love unique and funky things, so this felt like the perfect addition to my small shoe collection.

This week we started 12 hour shifts at work.  The days I work alternate every week, so for example one week I'll have a three day weekend, the next I work those three days.  Today is my second day, and I'm doing okay.  Yesterday I was starting to nod off at my desk, so I drank more tea and did some exercises in the break room.  Doing squats and lunges were helpful in waking me up, but my legs are complaining today.  I just take this to mean that I need to exercise more.

I've been browsing through more blogs, and came across a link to Fair Ivy.  It's a site where you order a one, two or three month delivery of surprise packages.  The types of packages you can order are fun stuff, for ladies, for men, or for pets.  I ordered one of the Fur Ivy packages for my Loki.  She gets some goodies, and I get to try this out before ordering something for me.  Score!

Friday, February 3, 2012

On Happy Things.

I was going to write a long post ranting about the Planned Parenthood defunding, but I changed my mind.  Why?  Because I feel like posting about something happy today.  (Though $400,000+ raised for Planned Parenthood within 24 hours with more coming in is something VERY happy!  Yay!)

 My current knitting project of the moment is a cardigan from the book A Close-Knit Family.  I bought it at a garage sale earlier in the summer, and found the perfect basic cardigan pattern in it to use up some yarn from a project that I had to frog because I lost weight.  The cardigan is called Woman's Shawl-Collared Cardigan, and I'm making it in Bernat Softee Chunky in the color Natural. The back is done, and now I'm working on the front left panel.

The color is more yellow in real life, but I like playing with Instagram filters.

I have a couple other projects that I've been working on for awhile that are for other people (the Slytherin Socks from awhile ago still included), but I'm so tired of knitting for others that I want to knit for me right now.  ME!

Still no War of the Worlds tattoo picture yet because I've been lazy, but I did get an appointment booked for my next tattoo.  It will be a fancy dressed owl with a cup of tea, some tea leaves around it, and the words "Tea Time."  I got the idea from a Threadless picture I saved from awhile back, except mine will be in color.

Tea and Owls.  Two of my favorite things.

I'm getting it on my right forearm a few days after my birthday, so it will be a 25th birthday present to myself.  Hmm, maybe I should have a cup of tea while I'm getting it done... Nah, I'll stick with the Powerade Zero and Reese's Pieces.  I'll probably shake and spill the tea all over myself.

I also finally got a pair of Dr. Martens boots!  I've been wanting them for awhile now, but could not afford it until recently.  They fit so well, and I already want another pair.  Maybe I'll get hot pink ones next.


To top off this post, here's a picture of Loki with her new favorite toy: a rubber band.


Friday, January 27, 2012

I love Instagram

Some fun photos for today.

 Matt and I had fun with a photobooth at a theater.  This is my favorite of the 4 photos.

My pretty little Loki.

I'm thinking of dying my hair again.  No funky colors this time, but a more natural looking red.  I've been a redhead before, and I loved it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Changes in my life since I updated last?  Well, I have a wonderful boyfriend now.  His name is Matt, and we met through his dad.  His dad works at the same place I do, and introduced me to him.  Matt is the sweetest and most caring guy I have ever known, and I feel so lucky to have him.

 Shark Bite drink from Joe's Crab Shack.  Delicious!

I adopted a cute cat.  Her name is Loki, she's 6 years old, and I got her from the local SPCA.  My cat allergies used to be horrible, but for some reason they got better.  At first I couldn't hold Loki, but since my system has adjusted to her I've been cuddling her and allowing her to sleep in my bed at night.  She's adorable, and loves belly rubs.

This was the photo I saw on the adoption site.  She's a cutie!

I also started a new job.  I'm finally in the network engineer position that I wanted to be in for two years now.  I work the night shift so that I can be with my lovely boyfriend more often as he works nights at his job.  The first day on that shift was hell.  My body felt physically ill, and I was so tired.  A couple days later though, I was fine.  I figured out that I need two cups of black tea during my shift to stay awake.  The Republic of Tea's British Breakfast flavor is my tea of choice.  Yummy.

My War of the Worlds half sleeve is also finished.  No pictures yet.  I was able to get through the last session on my inner arm easier than last time due to drinking Powerade instead of water, and watching My Little Pony episodes the whole time.  My new staples for tattoo sessions are Reese's Pieces, Powerade Zero, and Ponies.  Which I will be putting to use again when I get my next tattoo very soon.

I should blog more often.  That is, when I'm not knitting or gaming.

"Stop mining and pet me."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grow my pretties!

There are seedlings in my mini planter!  My mint is growing!  I seriously did a squeal of joy when I saw that, and baby talked the little things as I was watering them.  My red pepper plant is also looking perkier since I brought it inside.  The LED light is working!  Now let's hope that my watering is enough, too.

In other news, I went to a needlecraft group today at a library in a nearby town.  I was invited last Saturday by a woman at a Farmer's Market since she saw my knitting tattoo.  She told me to bring an apple and a chopstick, and she was going to show me how to spin yarn.  I almost did a backflip right there, because learning to spin yarn was something I really wanted to do.  So, today I went, and she gave me some roving.  Here are the results:

The yarn result isn't pretty, but it was fun!  I never thought of using an apple and a chopstick to make a drop spindle.  The woman gave me some more roving to play with, so I'll be goofing around with that.  I'm thinking of getting a nice spindle now.

I'm also looking at getting a new bike helmet.  My current one is made for sport riding, and is a pretty blue, but I want something more interesting and unique.  Yakkay makes some pretty helmets with covers to make them look like hats, but they are $120 each.  The ones I am really liking are by Nutcase.   My favorite designs are Star Bright, Daisy Stripe, and Sunburst.  Once I figure out how much money I'll have left after my next rent payment, I'll be placing my order.