Monday, January 10, 2011

The Coming of the Martians

I've been browsing blogs with pictures of girls with awesome tattoos.  Seeing all the beautiful artwork makes me so anxious for my next piece.  The drawing is a War of the Worlds themed tattoo that uses the tripod design from the 2005 Spielberg movie.  It also incorporates themes from the book, such as a comet representing the cylinders falling down to earth (the only thing I didn't like about the 2005 movie was the "oh, they've been buried underground for thousands of years" idea), and the ironclad ship, HMS Thunderchild, fighting a tripod.  There will also be the red weed coming down from my shoulder into the drawing.

I'm SO tempted to bump up my tattoo appointment!  Arrrgh!  Patience!  Patience is so hard sometimes...  I just finished reading H. G. Well's In The Days of the Comet, and am now reading The Invisible Man.  Reading his works is making me even more excited for my tattoo.

March 19th needs to come faster!

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