Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Just a drawing I made of one of my favorite things; tea.  I love tea.  Every morning at work I make a cup of some black tea with whatever flavor of creamer I currently have.  Lately I've been drinking Vanilla flavored black tea with International Delight's Irish Creme creamer.  It's so tasty, and I look forward to my tea in the morning as I'm doing work. 

This is the first loose tea I'm drinking.  Loose tea is put into an infuser and left to brew in the cup or teapot until it's ready.  Normal infusers are simple metal balls, or little containers that hang in the mug.  My infuser, however, is a rubber ducky with the little basket below it.

Isn't it so cute?!  It floats around my mug as it's brewing.  My mom bought me it from a bird store for Christmas, and I love it.  Looks like I'll be having a lot of loose tea in my future.

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  1. LOVE!! My mum drinks lots of tea, I wish I could get one for her! But they don't ship to NZ :(