Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sew good!

Arts and crafts that I currently do regularly:
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Drawing
  • Cross Stitching

Arts and crafts that I had tried, some which I go back to sometimes:
  • Perler beads
  • Hemp jewelry making
  • Bead jewelry making
  • Pottery
  • Painting (Watercolor, oil, and acrylic)
  • Quilting (I was little, so I didn't do much with this haha.)
  • Decoupage
  • Sewing (7th grade Home Ec.)
  • Writing

I love crafting and art.  I've been drawing since I was able to put crayon to paper.  Some of these things I only tried for a bit, maybe in a class.  Knitting and crocheting are so much a part of my life now that I got a tattoo to show that, and I have plans to have tattoos of my other crafting hobbies, like drawing.  Making things is one of the things in life that make me so happy, and I know I'll be crafting and doing art until the day I die.  Recently, I decided to return to a craft I did in middle school, and I hope that this becomes a big part of my life like knitting, crocheting, and drawing did.

I'm returning to sewing!  Seeing things that people make with sewing made me want to give it a shot again.  I bought a book called S.E.W.: Sew Everything Workshop.  Last night I spent my time curled up on my couch reading the first couple chapters and browsing through the patterns.  Today I went out with a list of supplies for my sewing kit, and also the list of antique stores to visit (I love antique stores!)  At the third store I went to, I came across this:

A sewing machine!  A WORKING sewing machine!  I gasped when I saw it.  I wasn't planning on buying a sewing machine yet since I hadn't done my research and reviews yet, but I couldn't resist.  There was no price tag on it, but the cashier told me it would be $38.06 with the tax.  I was ecstatic!  After I lugged the machine in its case to my car (that sucker was HEAVY), I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to create my sewing kit.  I got the basics in the list of things to get listed in the book (a lot of which I got in the color pink).  My favorite part about my kit is the case I got for it.

OWLS!  Cute little owls!  I love owls.  There was one case left, a smaller one, with this design.  The book recommended getting a case big enough for the 2"x18" sewing ruler, but I didn't care.  OWLS!  And look at the cute little leaves!  Here's a closeup of the fabric.

I'm seriously so giddy right now and excited to get started on my journey with sewing.  I would've started tonight, but there is one thing I need to do first; clean the sewing machine.  Seriously, this thing smells musty from probably sitting in somone's basement for awhile.  Especially the case.  Right now I'm doing research on what to do to clean this machine without ruining anything.  I also downloaded the manual for the machine so I can read through it and make sure I know the parts and what they do.  Once my machine is ready, I'll be trying it out and practicing with it before starting my first project, which I have yet to decide what it will be.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got my first sewing machine two years ago so I know how excited you're feeling :) Looking forward to seeing your new sewing projects!!

  2. That's a pretty sweet looking sewing machine. What brand is it? Looks like a Kenmore??? Happy sewing!!!

  3. Thanks! It's a White 736 I believe. I can't remember the number off the top of my head.