Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grow my pretties!

There are seedlings in my mini planter!  My mint is growing!  I seriously did a squeal of joy when I saw that, and baby talked the little things as I was watering them.  My red pepper plant is also looking perkier since I brought it inside.  The LED light is working!  Now let's hope that my watering is enough, too.

In other news, I went to a needlecraft group today at a library in a nearby town.  I was invited last Saturday by a woman at a Farmer's Market since she saw my knitting tattoo.  She told me to bring an apple and a chopstick, and she was going to show me how to spin yarn.  I almost did a backflip right there, because learning to spin yarn was something I really wanted to do.  So, today I went, and she gave me some roving.  Here are the results:

The yarn result isn't pretty, but it was fun!  I never thought of using an apple and a chopstick to make a drop spindle.  The woman gave me some more roving to play with, so I'll be goofing around with that.  I'm thinking of getting a nice spindle now.

I'm also looking at getting a new bike helmet.  My current one is made for sport riding, and is a pretty blue, but I want something more interesting and unique.  Yakkay makes some pretty helmets with covers to make them look like hats, but they are $120 each.  The ones I am really liking are by Nutcase.   My favorite designs are Star Bright, Daisy Stripe, and Sunburst.  Once I figure out how much money I'll have left after my next rent payment, I'll be placing my order.

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