Saturday, February 18, 2012

No more rubber bands for kitty.

Nope.  No more.  As cute as Loki is playing around with it, I had to throw them out.  There were 2 blue rubber bands sitting around my apartment for Loki.  One disappeared, and I assumed it went under the couch.  A day later I found it in the litter box.  Gross.  Though I did get to have an interesting phone conversation with my mom after that.

Mom:  "Are you sure it isn't worms?"

Me:  "Mom, worms aren't blue."


In more kitty news, I got the Fur Ivy package from Fair Ivy.  I thought they were going to send an email saying when it was on its way, but it was nice to have that surprise at my door.  Inside among some crinkly paper was a tub of Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes, a crocheted ball with a bell in it, and a catnip stuffed pea pod toy.

Loki thought the Bonito flakes were tasty, though I had to crush them up and drop them on the floor for her as usual.  This cat doesn't like to eat out of your hand.  If she tries to take a treat from your fingers, she does so very delicately to the point where she can't even grab the food.  So, I drop them on the kitchen floor.  Eh, at least she liked it.  The crochet ball toy I looked up on the etsy shop it's from, and it's supposed to have a bell inside.  I can feel but not hear it.  Loki batted it for a moment, then it went under the couch and was promptly forgotten.  The catnip pea pod toy, however, was a hit.  Matt and I have tried using catnip for Loki before, like to get her to scratch a cardboard pad or to play with certain toys, but it made no difference.  Even sticker her nose in the bag only got us a look of "the hell is wrong with you?" from her.  In a book I have it states that about 60% of cats are affected by catnip, so I figured she was one of the 40%.  Oh boy was I wrong!

Loki went bonkers over the toy.  I tossed it to her, she sniffed it, and promptly started batting and attacking it.  She laid on the floor and chomped and scratched at the pea pod.  She was in full on "OMG MUST ATTACK OM NOM NOM" mode.  This went on for 2 hours.  2 HOURS.  I even got her on video.  Afterwards she crashed out.

"Mom, quit taking pictures."

I just got a carrot from the same seller in the mail, and Loki went bonkers again.  Matt and I agree that there must be something about that one brand of catnip that drives her wild.  Maybe kitty crack.  Either way, it keeps her entertained (and off my table where my desktop is) while Matt and I play some Skyrim.

Speaking of Matt, on Sunday we're going to a candy shop in Canada!  I don't know the name of it (he won't tell me), but I do know that it's apparently really good.  I plan to stuff myself with chocolate.  Eating healthy be damned that day!  It's his Valentine's Day present to me.  I haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day in years, so this is going to be awesome!

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