Saturday, February 4, 2012

 It's slow at work, so here's some more Instagram fun!  First is me showing off one of my favorite headbands.  Headbands are my favorite hair accessory, and I don't like that it's too cold to wear them.  Being outside without a hat in Western NY right now is not a smart thing, but today I said to hell with it and wore one anyways.  The octopus is a necklace from Shana Logic, and I absolutely love my sparkly Converse shoes.  One of my best friends took one look as I tried them on and said "that's so you."  I love unique and funky things, so this felt like the perfect addition to my small shoe collection.

This week we started 12 hour shifts at work.  The days I work alternate every week, so for example one week I'll have a three day weekend, the next I work those three days.  Today is my second day, and I'm doing okay.  Yesterday I was starting to nod off at my desk, so I drank more tea and did some exercises in the break room.  Doing squats and lunges were helpful in waking me up, but my legs are complaining today.  I just take this to mean that I need to exercise more.

I've been browsing through more blogs, and came across a link to Fair Ivy.  It's a site where you order a one, two or three month delivery of surprise packages.  The types of packages you can order are fun stuff, for ladies, for men, or for pets.  I ordered one of the Fur Ivy packages for my Loki.  She gets some goodies, and I get to try this out before ordering something for me.  Score!

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