100 Things About Me

1.       I don’t wear makeup, but I do love to paint my nails sometimes.
2.       When I was three, I fell face first onto my cousin’s knee.  This resulted in two front teeth dangling by threads and the roof of my mouth being fractured.
3.       I am in a wonderful relationship with a man who loves and cares about me.
4.       I used to have terrible cat allergies to the point where I couldn’t go into people’s houses without sneezing.  Now I only sneeze a little bit and even have a cat of my own.
5.       My cat is a 6 year old tuxedo named Loki.
6.       The name Nerdfins came from me being a huge nerd (especially in video games), and that I enjoyed having betta fish as pets.
7.       I crack my knuckles, toes, and wrists.
8.       I’m Childfree by Choice.
9.       I wasn’t raised in a specific religion growing up.  It was just assumed I was Christian.  Later I started doing research into different beliefs, first dabbling in Wicca, and then becoming an Agnostic.
10.   I used to be really afraid of dying to the point where I would panic.  This was part of an anxiety issue, and pushed me towards the religious studying.
11.   Fear and denial kept me from realizing that I was really an Atheist until recently, when I came to terms with myself.  I now wear that title proudly, and my fear of dying rarely comes up.
12.   My family is full of Republicans, and I’m the one Democrat.
13.   I never knew what my bra size was until a few years ago.
14.   I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2009.
15.   I used to dislike tea, but now I drink a cup or two almost every day.
16.   My favorite mug has a 1950’s style design on it with a woman wearing a purple dress laying on a chaise lounge, and a purple text box that says “Queen of Fucking Everything.”
17.   One of my favorite things about spring and summer are garage and yard sales.
18.   I love thrift store shopping.
19.   I have a collection of owl figurines, statues, stuffed animals, and other random things.
20.   I also have a small collection of chicken stuff.
21.   I want to raise chickens when I get my own house.
22.   I have a vintage yellow woman’s bike that I got from a garage sale.
23.   I’ve sprained my right ankle multiple times, so there are times when it just gives out for no reason.
24.   I have yet to break a bone.
25.   I don’t like to use the word hate.  It’s a powerful word.
26.   I love wearing funky earrings.  My favorite is a pair that my mom wore when she was a teenager.
27.   I apologize way too much, and worry too much about if I hurt someone’s feelings or if they are mad at me.
28.   I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2011, but failed because in that same month The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released.  FUS RO DAH!
29.   I built my own desktop computer.
30.   I don’t like to talk about money and how much I or anyone else earns.  If I earn more than someone I feel guilty about it.  Just recently I’ve gotten better about not beating myself up for how much I spend.
31.   My favorite book is The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.
32.   I have a half sleeve tattoo on my left arm dedicated to it and two of the movies.
33.   I love having tattoos, but dislike being tattooed.  It doesn’t stop me though obviously. 
34.   I have 3 tattoos right now (Feb 2012), and will be getting my next one in March.
35.   My first tattoo was a pink ball of yarn with knitting needles and a crochet hook on my right arm.  I designed it myself. 
36.   I have paw prints on my right ankle from a tattoo fundraiser for Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue that I travelled all the way to California for.
37.   World War II history interests me, especially about Nazi Germany.
38.   I’ve been asked a couple times if I was a Nazi or white supremacist because of this. 
39.   I have been to Scotland, and would love to travel there again.
40.   One of my favorite foods is haggis.
41.   And macaroni and cheese.
42.   I try to eat organic foods when I can.
43.   I love chocolate and limit myself to a small piece a day to keep the cravings down.
44.   I think peanut butter is so delicious, and I wish that it wasn’t so bad to eat more than a tablespoon of it.
45.   I bought a 4lb container of Jiffy smooth peanut butter my senior year of college.  It lasted through both semesters.
46.   I used to not like beer, and only drank watery stuff like Keystone Light.  Now I drink stuff like Yuengling, Sam Adams, and New Castle.  (Mmmm, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock.)
47.   My favorite mixed drink is a Malibu Bay Breeze.
48.   The only time I ever got drunk was when I had Everclear at a Christmas party in college.
49.   I’m Pro-Choice.
50.   I believe gay marriage should be legal.
51.   Same with marijuana.
52.   I lived in San Jose, CA for three months to train for a job, and then moved to Oshkosh, WI for more training.  Afterwards I came to Western, NY and have been here for a year and a half now.
53.   I grew up in Central NY and went to college an hour away from home.
54.   My major in college started as Studio Art with a concentration in Design, but then I realized I would hate doing it for a career.
55.   If I didn’t choose Computer Science, I was going to be a History major.
56.   I know the basics for riding an ATV and dirtbikes, but I suck at changing gears.
57.   I want to get my motorcycle license.
58.   I drive a Honda CRV, and plan to drive it into the ground.
59.   My dream car is a Mini Cooper.
60.   One of my favorite shows is Top Gear.  (POWERRR!)
61.   I learned to knit using a book.  My mom showed me how to do one knit stitch, and I’ve taught myself everything else.
62.   I learned to crochet my junior year of college.
63.   One of my first knitting projects was a scarf that I gave to one of my best friends.
64.   My first crochet project was a scarf too, and one end is about twice the width of the other due to tension change.  I still wear it.
65.   My favorite things to knit are hats and socks.
66.   After I saw the movie Twister, I wanted to become a tornado chaser or fly on a hurricane plane when I grew up.
67.   I slept through a tornado that was down the street from the hotel I was staying at.
68.   I have programmed in C++, C, Python, Prolog, Clisp, AWK/LaTEX, html, and Assembly.
69.   My favorite programming language is Python.
70.   My longest video game marathon time was 10 hours on Final Fantasy 7.
71.   My favorite colors are pink, purple, and black.  Mostly pink.
72.   I used to think Ugg-like boots were ugly.  Now I enjoy wearing them, but I still think it’s silly to wear them in the summer.
73.   I have a scar on the right side of my bottom lip from when I fell headfirst onto a coffee table from the top of the couch at age 5.  I split my lip open, got stitches, then was bored and started pulling the stitches out.
74.   I refused to read the Harry Potter series at first because they were “kids books.”  After seeing the first movie, I couldn’t put the books down, and got each new book the day they came out.
75.   I have 8 piercings.  3 on my left ear, 4 on my right, and one on my left eyebrow.  I had a nose piercing, but after taking it out for a few hours for a job interview I couldn’t get it back in.  I also had an industrial bar in my left ear, but it got infected.
76.   My hair has been at least 6 different colors in the past year.  My favorite was hot pink.
77.   When I got tired of coloring my hair and dealing with how dry it was, I buzzed it all off.  I liked my fuzzy head.
78.   I want to shave my head one day.  Just to see what it’s like.
79.   I have at least 4 more tattoos planned, but most likely will get even more than that.
80.   My favorite cartoon right now is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I sometimes find myself singing or humming the theme song.
81.   There are hand readers to get into the building at work and into the room I work in.  My hand is too small to be read by them (they work with 98% of adults.  I’m a 2% apparently), so I have to be let in every day.
82.   I like 1950’s pinup and Rockabilly clothing styles.
83.   I also do cross stitching.  My favorite completed project so far has a flower border and a pile of poop with the words “Aw, crap.”
84.   I used to really dislike my boobs.  I thought they were annoying.  Now I’ve grown to love them.
85.   I have little plastic figurines of the robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 sitting on my TV stand.
86.   I dressed up as the Red Engineer from Team Fortress 2 for Halloween 2010.  I even went to work in that costume.
87.   The sexiest Halloween costume I ever wore was my Silent Hill nurse.  I used a bunch of thrift store items and made the mask from scratch.  I wish I had pictures of it.
88.   I like looking at vintage knitting patterns, and have a bunch of old pattern booklets to go through from garage and yard sales.
89.   One of my goals is to publish a pattern.
90.   My first concert ever was Shania Twain (don’t judge me, I was little.)
91.   My favorite concert was Nightwish.
92.   I used to be really into G1 Transformers and Beast Wars.
93.   I’m a terrible liar.
94.   My first dog was given to my family when I was in 10th grade.  Her name is Paddy.  She has worse allergies than I do.
95.   I could never be a housewife.  Not having a job would drive me up the wall.
96.   I used to not like pickles.  Now I think they’re delicious.
97.   Some of my drawings were published in a book that was given to hospitals in my hometown for children to read about Alzheimer’s when I was in 11th grade.
98.   My parents showed me the movies Alien and Aliens when I was young, and it gave me nightmares for years.  I watched it again when I was 12, and now it’s one of my favorite movies.
99.   I have TMJ.  Sometimes when I open my mouth to eat something my jaw gets stuck, so I have to push in the side of my face to pop it back in place.
100.    I like doing portrait drawings from photos in pencil.